Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Cúirt stand for?
The term ‘Cúirt’ is inspired by the Gaelic court of poets and so the festival arises from the idea of a gathering of like-minded people who share a love of literature, ideas and debate. This tradition has been the festival’s inspiration ever since it was founded in 1985.

What type of events are on offer at Cúirt?
The Cúirt programme features poetry, prose, music and spoken word. Traditionally it includes theatre, talks, masterclasses, family events and exhibitions as well as the popular annual series of workshops and talks for children and teenagers, Cúirt Labs. However, this year for the first time the festival will be completely digital in response to current travel restrictions in place worldwide.

How Do I Book Tickets?
You can book tickets via the Cúirt website. All events are completely free.

Do writers read from their work at Cúírt?
Yes, and this is very much part of the magic of Cúirt, to hear writers read their own work.

Where can I buy the participants’ books?
Charlie Byrnes Bookshop on Middle Street is currently closed but we would love if you visited their website to order books from them when they re-open.

Cúirt is an international festival. Where do the writers come from?
In 2020, the international programme will feature writers from England, Scotland and the USA, as well as the very best of Irish authors.

It’s my first time attending Cúirt. What do you recommend?
Welcome and we hope you have a wonderful Cúirt experience. Sign up to all of the events that catch your eye and enjoy a culture soaked three days from wherever you are in the world.

Does Cúírt accept submissions? If so, when?
Cúirt annually invites writers, both emerging and established, who are achieving distinction within their literary communities, to participate. The festival aims to celebrate and shine a spotlight on national and international literary talent, as well as to promote the written word in poetry and literary fiction, and more recently, in non-fiction and genre writing. Cúirt is a curated festival; the Programme Director selects the artists who participate each year. Programming decisions are ultimately made in consultation with the festival board, and unsolicited applications are not actively sought. However, if you think you can offer something original and exceptional, and your book is professionally produced and an excellent read, you can still apply to appear (please see below). Please note that only a few writers who apply directly are selected as most authors are invited. Initially, and where possible, communication via a publisher or agent is preferable, to sort out practicalities. The annual Cúirt New Writing prize and Over the Edge prize are the traditional routes for an opportunity to read your work during Cúirt. Please see the New Writing prizes section for more information.

In 2020 the festival will have a specific period during which submissions for the 2021 programme will be considered. This window opens in May 2020 and will close in June 2020. Please keep your proposal as succinct as possible including a brief biog, press release and, if possible, a PDF of your book and link to a video clip of you reading your work. Any submissions received outside those dates will not be read. Given that we are a small team, it is not possible to provide feedback regarding unsuccessful submissions. Thank you for your understanding.