Faber Academy provides writing courses (in London, Newcastle and online), manuscript assessments and mentoring programmes across a wide range of disciplines including fiction, poetry and memoir. They ran their first course in 2008, and since then have gone on to see their alumni secure major publication deals, win awards and begin their writing careers. Their tutors, mentors and manuscript readers are celebrated, professional authors and editors, and their courses are designed with the help of pedagogical experts – but first and foremost, Faber Academy is a place for people who are passionate about writing to work together.

Our partnership with Faber Academy will offer a space for writers to explore new ideas, take creative risks, and experiment with genre and style. Engaging with other writers and receiving feedback and encouragement is a key part of creative development, which is why we’re excited to offer these workshops as a valuable resource for any writer. With access to resources, tools, and tips we hope these workshops will help you to navigate the writing and publishing process more effectively.

Places are limited so early booking is advised.