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Featuring works which combine elements of digital literature, non-digital objects, and mixed media, these events present creative intersections between the digital and other art forms and materials. The authors performing in these events work across digital and non-digital domains: they engage with a variety of aesthetic objects and use embodied performance to query the borders of the literary. Curators: Anne Karhio & Justin Tonra.

Álvaro Seiça is a writer, researcher, and PhD Fellow at the University of Bergen, Norway, where he teaches courses in digital culture and edits the ELMCIP Knowledge Base. He recently defended his PhD dissertation “setInterval(): Time-Based Readings of Kinetic Poetry” (2017). In the new work, eÖ, Seiça proposes a multilingual performance, dependent on stable human translation and variable machine translation. is a live performance that stems from Álvaro Seiça’s source poem Ö, a book of poetry published in Portuguese (2014), and translated into English by Ana Hudson for Publication Studio Malmö (2018). Custom software: Sindre Sørensen.

Justin Tonra is a conceptual poet and lecturer in English literature. EverVerse is a collaborative work which has received support from colleagues in NUI Galway, Maynooth University, and the European Association for Digital Humanities. EverVerse is a work which uses biometric data to automatically generate poetry which responds to the poet’s varying physical and emotional states. A conceptual response to the common view of the poet as a creative vessel or conduit, admitting the sensory input of the world and producing poetic output, EverVerse literalises the abstract relations between self and art.