Writer and artist Sara Baume covers wide ground in this spellbinding audio-visual essay: Sunday Mass and sea swimming; bird alphabets and stone collecting; Goya and Monet; the Stations of the Cross and the Sacred Heart of Jesus; bedrooms and bedsits; insomnia and parental love. Ultimately, it’s a show about our obsessions and passions – the multitude of rituals that fill our daily lives with meaning. 

 Baume’s new essay is inspired by short documentaries depicting artists at work on land and sea. These films, included in the show, focus on visual artists Gary Coyle and Laura Fitzgerald, and musician Natalia Beylis. A live soundtrack is performed throughout by musicians Irene Buckley and Elaine Howley. 

The Alphabet of Birds is the second stage show from arts magazine and production company Holy Show. 

This is a live broadcast event.

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