Marian Keyes kindly wrote the first line of a story for us and we approached some of Ireland’s radio presenters to ask them if they would add to this evolving short story each adding a line. Thanks to everyone who got involving including Rick O’Shea, Jenny Greene, Mairead Ronan and more. 

We won’t tell you who wrote which line but we hope you enjoy! 


Marian Keyes’ opening line: 

“Too late, I noticed the woman who’d slipped her hand into his, just a brief impression of a slim black coat, bright lipstick and elegant shoes.  Perspiration erupted on my scalp.”


Next line by person 1: 


“She had obviously passed something to him with the art of a street magician, something she didn’t want the rest of the sardined train platform to see. It had been flawless. If the information I had extracted from that guy in the park three days ago was right, it was something that could change the world.”


Next line by person 2: 

“The subway roared into the station and as the crowd surged forward, the mysterious woman disappeared. I saw Rodriquez slip onto the train and ran to the same carriage, squeezing through the doors as they closed. I grabbed a hanging strap with a sweaty palm and studied the speckled rubber floor so he wouldn’t see me. If my suspicions were correct, I could be in a lot of danger.”


Next line by person 3:


“Working as Private Investigator meant my main customers were usually a jealous husband or wife eager to prove their suspicions of a cheating spouse were real. I followed, I watched, I recorded  .. then got paid when I revealed the heart-breaking truth. But this was no ordinary case , it didn’t involve ordinary people.”



Next line by person 4:


“Am I being set up or have I stumbled on to something big ? I’ve often fantasised about being at the centre of a case involving espionage ,international subterfuge and John Le Carre-esque complexities. My dear old mother used to say, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Well wish or not Rodriquez was about to get off and I was about to follow him. I’m in.”


Final line by person 5:


“Rodriquez ran toward the escalator and galloped ahead of the glazed commuters as they were transported silently from the depths of the subway into the glaring sunshine. How could I conceal my pursuit? I wasn’t used to this high voltage subterfuge, but I knew that if I didn’t match his pace, he’d be gone. As we reached the sweltering pavement, he turned and stopped, seeking me out as though he always knew I was there. Our eyes met and he held my gaze. I saw the glint of the blade, ‘it’s not what you think it is’ he said ‘you should have listened to your mother. It’s over now’.”



The End


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