Boxing Day is a 52 poem sequence, offering fragmentary glimpses into the experience of gender transition, and read together they form a narrative account of a year of change, apprehension, and grief. William interrogates the relationship between the poet and audience through this personal, heart-wrenching performance, offering us a commanding, urgent story about the interpersonal scrutiny when existing in the world as a trans person, through dynamic and curious poetry.

This performance is accompanied by projected visuals and text.

Duration 1 hour

William Keohane is a writer from Limerick, Ireland. His essays have been published in British GQ, Banshee, The Stinging Fly, and The Tangerine and his poems have appeared in Poetry Ireland Review and Queering the Green, an anthology of post-2000 Queer Irish poetry. He is the writer-in-residence at Ormston House.

Event Location

Nuns Island Theatre

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